Saturday, February 28, 2009

Warm Bed and Spaghetti!

Cody is settled in Cecil and Amy's place for tonight and tomorrow in Louisville, GA. They've been friends of our family ever since Cody was a baby, and Cody has been looking forward to getting to their neck of the woods. He hadn't quite got to their stretch of the road today, but Cecil rode out on an errand of mercy and picked him up-- it was a very rainy and cold day there. Since Dad and Mom are heading down to Florida right now for a funeral, they are planning on picking Cody up Monday from Cecil and Amy's and taking him back to start walking where he left off today.

Amy said Cody tucked into the spaghetti dinner she made for him, but he graciously declined use of their treadmill! It was a cold and rainy day's walk for him today. Last night he slept in a horse trailer, which got him out of the rain but didn't do a lot for heat! It's wonderful to know he's in a warm and dry place tonight!

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craft family said...

my husband and I met Cody at wal-mart in dublin, GA sunday night after we left church. after noticing that cody was hiking and had a backpack, i realized he would probably be sleeping outside for the night. i was convicted and told my husband i wanted to offer him shelter because it was below freezing, very windy, and had been snowing that day. we have two daughters, so my husband was not up for having a stranger in or around our home. i convinced him to turn the car around and at least offer him a ride to our church center, which is an old empty school building (Bethsaida Baptist Church) with a fire place and gas heater. we took cody there. he was super nice and interesting. we were glad we could put him in a warm place out of the weather for the night. cody said he know Jesus Christ; and that's what matters most to us. it was a pleasure to meet cody and our family now wishes cody the best as he reaches the east coast. we will pray for him daily. i look forward to keeping up with his travels.
God bless cody!