Tuesday, November 25, 2008

On the Road Again

After a day and a half in Globe, Cody is on the move again. It's the first cloudy day he's had since the very first day in California. He's enjoying the respite from the sun and the corresponding 60 degree weather!

The stroller is having lots of problems with flat tires. Cody was talking about just ditching it and going on with a backpack. I hope I've talked him out of that. He needs to have at least two gallons of water with him at all times (in my oh-so-knowledgeable opinion) and that's 16 pounds right there, let alone clothes, extra shoes, sleeping paraphernalia, etc. I think he's stuck with the stroller for now!

Cody was thinking of augmenting his cash supply with a few days work in Globe, but Globe is a mining community, and the price of copper just plummeted! Ergo, lots of laid-off miners and unemployment. He's decided to take the southern route from there. He is just past Peridot, AZ, smack dab in the San Carlos Apache Indian Reservation. He's heard Safford, AZ, about 60 miles from where he is now, is a farming community, so he's hoping to pick up a short job there.

The first "interesting" wildlife sighting was today-- Cody saw what he thought was a dog run behind a bush. When it didn't come to his whistle, he went closer, and a wild boar exploded out of the bush and ran in the opposite direction! He also saw a tarantula-- might make sleeping outside seem a little less exciting.

Cody would like to get to Safford by Wednesday night in case he can find a friend in town, but that is an insane amount of miles to walk by then. We'll see where he ends up for Thanksgiving! We'll eat a slice of apple pie in his honor Thursday...

Thanks so much to those who have contributed to Cody's fundraising page. The other day he was sitting at a gas station waiting to charge his phone, when a man walked up and told Cody he'd run home to get his spare change-- he thought Cody was a beggar! After Cody explained more of what he was doing, the man told him just to keep the money "for the cause." So he's attracting some interest out there!