Monday, February 23, 2009

Saved the Prettiest for Last...

Cody is nearing the home stretch! He spent last night in Tuskeegee, Alabama. I don't think he slept much, but he passed the night there. It was a pretty shady section of town, complete with barking dog most of the night-- it will make him appreciate his quiet bedroom on the farm all the more in a few weeks! (Although there has been barking dogs on the farm before.)

I talked to Cody Sunday afternoon, and he wasn't feeling very good. He was congested, and told me he has been fighting an earache since New Mexico. He thinks most of it is just from sleeping out in the elements. He thought he would be in warmer country now, but it's getting down to 25° at night, so he's cold a lot. The sunburn he got Saturday was also contributing to some shakes and chills. All in all, I think he is eager to finish!

Cody's walk from Selma to Montgomery was pretty desolate. It was the loneliest stretch of road since West Texas. The only gas station in a 30-mile stretch was closed due to a recent murder. Cody said it didn't look like a dangerous section, but he was glad to get that behind him. He had lunch with some friends in Montgomery on Sunday.

According to Google, Cody has a little less than 300 miles to go! One of the plans floating around right now is that Mom will go down to visit an elderly aunt in Florida and pick Cody up on the way home. Another option is finding a car that needs driven North-- there are websites out there that match a vehicle needing to be moved and a willing driver. Cody did that to get home from the West Coast last spring. Lots of options, anyway!

These are the rest of Cody's pictures. They are mostly of scenery, which can speak for itself, so I'll be (mostly) quiet now and let you enjoy the trip East, vicariously!

This was a cave right off the road that Cody climbed up in.

Scott says, "This was transition spot in texas... going down out of the plains and this one shows the cactus and tree together."

Pretty little town of Baird.

Old train depot.
Wow, these pictures make me want to go on a road trip. We sure live in a beautiful, amazing country! To help out those who may not enjoy all the wealth we do in this land, contribute to Doctors Without Borders at Cody's fundraising page.