Monday, March 2, 2009

So Close! (Thankfully!)

Cody has had some pretty yucky weather the last few days! Thankfully, he was given shelter Sunday night-- read about it in this comment. I haven't been able to talk to Cody, but I've heard from others that he had a discouraging day in some ways. He was walking in the ditch on Highway 16 (my sister Bethaney had told him it was more direct-- tsk, tsk, Bethaney!) when a patrol officer stopped him and drove him back an exit. He then had to recover several miles on a less-direct route!

I'm hoping he's still riding on the strength of Saturday night's supper, warm bed and fellowship! Here's a couple pictures from that visit--

Cody when Cecil picked him up.

Cody signing the guest book as interested dogs keep watch. He's wearing his dress pants-- he's hoping he'll be finished his trek before he needs to wear them again! They're his only pair of long pants now, so he needed them for this snowy weather!

I'm hoping it's just a few more days until I can write about his triumphal finale!