Friday, February 13, 2009


I talked to Cody this morning as he was heading out of Morton, Mississippi. He had spent a couple of days working-- he met a guy, Willy, at a Chevron station who was dismantling a chicken coop and using the lumber to build a house. Cody stayed in his trailer for two days and helped with the construction. It was about 15 miles off the main road, and Cody couldn't get cell service. Guess it was quite an interesting experience! He was glad to have some more money in his pocket and be on the road again.
Cody was glad to get to here to get some water.

This is the travel center where Catfish and the crew welcomed Cody so nicely.
New Mexico and Nice People

Cody says he could have just about eaten the sign at that point.

Missile at White Sand Missile Range. (I'm assuming it's not an active missile.)

White Sands Missile Range. (This was where Cody was standing for the "Feeling Rocky" shot in yesterday's post.)

Hobbs, New Mexico

Scott posing.

Cody's turn.
Entering the State of Texas!

Then, several weeks and hundreds of miles later... Louisiana.