Monday, December 22, 2008

Photo Extravaganza!

Cody's picture CD got here in the mail today, and it's been a lovely distraction from the 2 feet of snow we have here in NY. I feel compelled to add captions to some of the pictures, but since I haven't gone through them with Cody, they will all be guesses! I will check in with Cody sometime soon and correct anything I have wrong, but just wanted to get these great photos up! Most of them speak for themselves. Enjoy-- there's been a photo draught for too long.
This guy was biking from the East Coast-- Cody met him with just a short bit left.

Quite the bleached hair, there! Sunshine Clairol...

Then, no hair.

I think this photo is of the sunrise one morning, and even though it didn't come out focus-wise, the colors were just so intense I had to post it.

Cody's nickname is Doug. Actually, Dug, but close enough.
Not sure who this is, but love the picture.
I'm thinking this is PJ and Laura! Hi, guys!
That had to be hard on the back of the calves.

I remember Cody was wondering about the sleeping on the ground thing at this point.
I think these are the start of the ranch pictures... but that's just a guess.
Gorgeous, wherever it is.
I really want to know what this is.

Fencing among cactuses. Ouch, but what a view.
Aerol the Bachelor. And Cody's lifesaver.

Cody had to be thinking, "And this is the year I pick to WALK?"

And that's all for now. I'm off to bed, but Lindsey is hoping to check in sometime in the next day or so and write about her trip to see Cody. Can't wait to hear all the details!