Monday, February 16, 2009

News, and a Slew of Pictures

Cody spent Saturday and Sunday night at Dan and Debra Oldham's place in Meridian, Mississippi. This morning, he headed out on Highway 80 towards Savannah, Georgia. He's wearing new shoes, the same kind he wore in between Pheonix, AZ and Abilene, TX. They worked well for him then, but he's not sure how they'll do now-- there's such different wear on shoes now that he's carrying a backpack.

The Oldhams picked up Cody there in Meridian Saturday, and then they drove back to Morton, where Cody had worked for a couple of days earlier last week, for a Sunday morning meeting. Cody is famous in Morton-- a waitress named Megan asked Willy (of the chicken coop house fame) for Cody's number because, "Cody is too cute!" Cody didn't give out his number, but he did feel important!

Cody had another "incident" with a lawman in Pelahatchie, Mississippi. Yet again, a sheriff pulled up beside Cody as he was walking down the road and demanded to see Cody's license. This time, Cody even graciously complied without an argument about the legality of such a request. When the sheriff then asked him to provide his Social Security number, though, Cody balked. Even I, his extremely law-abiding sister, am with him on that one! When Cody refused, the sheriff told him, "That's a good way to get on my bad side!" (imagine all this in a DEEP Southern accent!) He then told Cody he could take him to jail, "and wouldn't that be a shame, this close to the end of your trip?". Cody replied that he didn't particularly want to go to jail, but he wasn't giving out his SSN, so he had the time for jail if the sheriff thought it was necessary! After about 5 minutes in handcuffs, the sheriff gave up and released him. Cody said he was covered in tattoos and looked like he had a steroid habit. I'm glad a couple minutes cuffed was as far as this idiot was prepared to go! Cody had his "legal counsel" (Scott Porter) look up the law, and an officer is only allowed to ask for ID if there is probable cause to believe someone is breaking the law. Nowhere does it cover an officer asking for a Social Security number!

Cody's thoughts this morning are with another wanderer of the road. Bob Skelding built a trailer last year and started traveling around the country, pulled by his four-horse team of Percherons. On his website, Wagonteamster, he says, "About half the people in the world want to be free of bills and a daily grind, I’m one of them. My dream is to travel freely about the country, seeing new places and meeting new people. It’s hard to take the steps necessary to live a freedom type lifestyle. It’s hard to separate yourself from your security and material belongings and move completely out of your comfort zone. However, if you’re determined enough it can be done." Sounds like Cody's philosophy! I think he and Cody (remember his teen obsession with draft horses?) would sure enjoy meeting up on the road and talking. Unfortunately, Bob's trailer was rear-ended by a tractor trailer last Tuesday, killing two of the horses and placing Bob in the hospital in Meridian, MS with severe injuries. I'm not the type to get too emotional over such things, but I couldn't help crying over the story as I read it this morning, imagining the pain he's in and the trauma of losing those horses. It also made me glad Cody ditched the stroller-- Bob had commented just a few days earlier that the shoulders were pretty narrow in those parts, and the traffic was moving fast. Glad Cody can get right off the road now, so we don't read about him in the hospital soon!

I've decided to post pictures of Cody and his traveling companions today-- Scott and the stroller!

Fueling up on pizza for the trip!

Loaded down with two people's stuff.

Scott, then Cody, looking "as homeless as possible."

Very arty shots-- Cody said they were feeling like Clint Eastwood. Not sure what that means, but I've never tried to understand everything Cody says.

With improved tire.

Fanny Pack Pride.

New Year's Eve festivities.

Lots of sparkling grape juice and Diet Pepsi were consumed.

The stroller even got some time indoors.

Scott and that miracle, Peanut Butter.

Scott looking all smug with his PB and his $11 shoes. (This is before they started hopelessly shredding.)

Cody had climbed up a water tower-- here's Scott on the ground.

Lots of Cactus.

Technical Difficulties.

Scott and Cody before Scott headed out on the bus in Waxahachie.

I received a few new pictures in my e-mail yesterday from Debi Potter, one of the kind souls who took Cody and Scott in while they were in Texas (Walking Solo). Her description of the morning Cody and Scott left their place made me shiver! She said, "I cannot tell you how very cold and wet it was this day the guys took off. It was all this mom could do to let them go....but, hey, they had left home already, many times, so....I let them go, and prayed they literally wouldn't freeze to death. It's one thing to be cold and from the cold country etc., but, to have wet levi's on and be cold, w/ no heater...that's cold!@!!!!!"

Scott and Cody chowing down during a trip to a restaurant that weekend.
(Nice cheeks, Scott!)
Scott Potter (not Porter!) and Laura, the Potter's kids. These are the niece and nephew of Ed and Colleen Johnson, the folks the guys stayed with in Lubbock ("Day of Rest").

Heading out!