Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Las Cruces, NM

Cody called from Las Cruces today. He was planning on splurging today and blowing his $6/day budget on a pizza from Little Caesars-- he's been having a craving for pizza. While he was talking to me and telling me this, he spotted a Little Caesar's box in the ditch-- we decided it was an omen, and he should really pursue the pizza thing.

He had called me to run some mileage numbers to figure out his best route. He was expecting to pick up a package in Alamogordo, but he was worrying it would have been smarter to go the El Paso route. Google's prognosis was that Alamogordo route was the most direct, so he's heading thataway. He was also stoked to hear that if he keeps walking in a fairly straight line, it's only a little over 1600 miles to the Atlantic Coast-- he was thinking it was more in the neighborhood of 2000 miles. Of course, there could be many detours that could add to the trip.

Cody is expecting visitors this weekend! My sister, Lindsey, and her friend, LaRae, are flying into Las Vegas for a little vacation, and driving about 13 hours east to see Cody while they're there. Cody told me that he'd "forgotten" to pack some Eleanor Barkley Gingersnaps (anyone who has ever had that cookie remembers it!) and if Lindsey could remember to pack some... So we've been baking cookies today! I'm hoping if we freeze them good tonight, they'll have a few days to defrost and will taste fresh to him when he finally gets them Saturday night.

Cody's hoping to find a Wednesday night Bible study in Las Cruces tonight, and then Lindsey may be able to drive him to a meeting Sunday morning! He was excited about that.

I've been hovering by my mailbox, but no picture CD yet! I'm sure with Cody's budgetary constraints, he didn't overnight mail it, so it might be a while! I'll have to badger Lindsey to post pictures at the beginning of next week.