Saturday, March 28, 2009


76-year old biker in Geneva. He bikes across Georgia every year in the "Ride Across Georgia."

Friendly Georgia guy.

Bright red Georgia clay!

Great name for a road!

Cody isn't sure if these were business or residential, but they were railroad cars that were hooked up to water and electric.

Jerry Moncrief, Reynolds, GA. Jerry left a comment on Cody's blog one night after he'd talked to Cody so we'd know he was all right!

Peach cobbler with peach ice cream on top.

"This is what Georgia is supposed to be about," says Cody.


I wish I could hear the story Amy was telling!

Tiny and Teensy (?). Not sure if that's their exact names, but their names definitely have the same irony as the ones I've assigned them!

Cecil with the dogs.

Cecil and Amy, good friends of Cody's. They run a great guest house, too! Besides Cody staying there for a weekend, they housed Mom and Dad a night on their trip.

Craft family of Dublin, GA. These are the folks who had mercy on Cody on a cold, snowy night and opened up their church center so Cody would have a warm place to sleep! I don't know what he would have done if they hadn't stopped and helped him out!

Well, folks, that sort of exhausts the pictures of Cody's trek. This is the Official Last Post. Cody is heading to Minnesota mid-April to work on a friend's farm, and who knows where after that? (If I decide he's doing something real exciting, I might have to post a quick note on here!) Anyway, thanks to all the folks who gave Cody food, shelter and encouragement on his odyssey. As his older sister, it reassured me every time Cody told me of some further kindness from strangers and friends alike. He had an experience that most of us can only imagine, and it was fun to write about it as it happened.

Thanks, also, to those who contributed to Cody's fundraising page for Doctors Without Borders. Your donations totaled an impressive total of over $2700. The page will stay active until November 2009, so feel free to tell your friends about this blog and the fundraiser, and they can contribute if they like.

Hope you all enjoyed meeting Cody, either as he walked along or as you sat in front of your computer. I'm sure you can all agree he's a one-of-a-kind guy!

Or, as Scott Porter would say, "Giver!"