Thursday, November 20, 2008

Losing the Hippie Look

Cody has officially given up caring what he looks like, he tells me. He gave himself a buzzcut today, and when I talked to him, he was wearing his new $20 shoes (they're fitting him much better than his previous pair), a fanny pack, shorter shorts than normal, and a very mainstream t-shirt. The shoes are black and yellow and scream "NEW!" Cody says that when he's out there pushing his stroller, people think he's just a suburban dad out to punish the kids with a walk!

I think he's finally warm enough. He was grumbling today that he should have started further north. I forbare mentioning the whole point of this thing was to avoid winter, and that he'd probably be whining about the cold if he was norther. (Is that even a word? Doesn't sound right...) He is planning on heading further north in New Mexico, though. He's looking for somewhere where it's in the 40s at night and up to 50 or 60 degrees during the day.

He's still having some blisters, and he's also irritated by leg hair. (I hope he's all jiggy with me mentioning leg hair on a public post... hmm...) Anyway, as he walks, the pants rub the hair right off. Which is fine, until it starts regrowing, and then it gets a little bit ingrown, and the constant sweating stings. I have to say it didn't sound like a lot of fun.

(Marilla has just crawled in my lap, making typing rather complicated... )

Pheonix got the bid in Cody's decision making process Tuesday. He ended up walking 14 extra miles Wednesday! He had got a number for a Wednesday night bible study from some friends of his in Yuma, but by the time he connected with them on the phone, he had walked 7 miles too far east! By then, he didn't have a lot of time left. On his jog back, the tire went on his stroller. I'm not too clear on the details, but I think he just grabbed his backpack of (comparatively speaking) valuables and left the stroller there! He said he arrived at these folks house at 7:00, dripping with sweat, and asked if they had a place he could change! He did manage to get in a shower, so he hopefully looked decent by 7:30!

(I finally got Marilla off my lap, and she promptly crawled under the table and unplugged the computer. Thanks to autosave, I only lost one line! But back to typing with one hand...)

Cody got a night indoors with a great couple with young boys. I think the boys slept outside and Cody got their bed!

Anyway, this morning was spent on stroller repairs. (Cody is still hanging on to a little desire to be cool... he calls it his "cart". We all now what it really is, though.) When I talked to him at about 1:00 this morning, he had almost gotten to the place where he was before his mad dash backwards Wednesday night!

Bloggers weren't meant to have eight-month old babies. I'm signing off for the night...