Sunday, December 7, 2008

Bare Bones Facts

The only information from Cody comes third- or fourth-hand, and I don't think it was a long conversation then, so all I have is the skeleton of facts. It lacks all the details of Cody's life that usually make for interesting stories. So here it is, boring, but at least an update.

Cody is planning on working on the ranch for a few more days, then he's off again. Scott Smith, who helped him start his trek back at the beginning, has rejoined him for a few days, so he'll be able to get Cody to a meeting today. I'm sure Cody's enjoying having him there. Since Scott walked across California with Cody, Scott has been back to Washington, with a trip to Maui in the middle. That guy travels!

Anyway, hope Cody gets time and/or cell phone reception to talk to me soon! Until then, happy fencing, Cody!