Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Another Long Cold Night

Cody is at the intersection of 280 and 16, just east of Pembroke, GA. About 50 miles more to go! He is tired after his night of walking and a full day today, but he lacks the equipment to stop and sleep now-- the folks have his big frame back pack and sleeping back, and they're visiting relatives four hours north while they wait for Cody to finish. His feet are glad he doesn't have the big backpack anymore-- it was around 40-50 pounds, and it made a big difference in his feet and legs hurting. Cody's going to stop and sleep if he finds an opportunity, otherwise he's just slogging on through the night, and hoping to reach Tybee Island (and the Atlantic Ocean!) tomorrow evening!

I was thinking it would be great if Cody finished with all the folks who've been following along and cheering him on. Since we can't all be in Georgia, it would be great if anyone who likes could post a comment to this blog, and Cody could read them all when he wakes up from his week-long nap next week! You can also make your presence known in a meaningful way by donating to Doctors Without Borders through Cody's fundraising page!