Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Another Long Cold Night

Cody is at the intersection of 280 and 16, just east of Pembroke, GA. About 50 miles more to go! He is tired after his night of walking and a full day today, but he lacks the equipment to stop and sleep now-- the folks have his big frame back pack and sleeping back, and they're visiting relatives four hours north while they wait for Cody to finish. His feet are glad he doesn't have the big backpack anymore-- it was around 40-50 pounds, and it made a big difference in his feet and legs hurting. Cody's going to stop and sleep if he finds an opportunity, otherwise he's just slogging on through the night, and hoping to reach Tybee Island (and the Atlantic Ocean!) tomorrow evening!

I was thinking it would be great if Cody finished with all the folks who've been following along and cheering him on. Since we can't all be in Georgia, it would be great if anyone who likes could post a comment to this blog, and Cody could read them all when he wakes up from his week-long nap next week! You can also make your presence known in a meaningful way by donating to Doctors Without Borders through Cody's fundraising page!


Philip said...

Cody, you old hippie, if you are readin' this it means you did it. Keep on truckin'. I'll catch ya on the flip.

Heather (Anderson) Bledsoe said...'s been so much fun reading about your adventures. Mel has been checking the blog from Sweden. Mom and Dad like to check in too. It seems you've got a good dose of your Dad's stubborness...and put it to good use! :)

Barbara said...

Yep! We've been watching you like hawks over here in Santa Barbara! Way to go, my nephew's friend! As you read this just know that we are MADE it!!!

Lesha Coker said...

YOU DID IT!!!! We have been following your blog since we met you at meeting in Glen Rose, Texas. We want to give you a BIG TEXAS CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!
--Brad, Lesha, Trace, and Trevin Coker

Susie said...

This is Susie Block (worker on TX staff), Ray & Linda Block's (think Alaska!) daughter. I've been following this since Scott & the other two Alaskans he was driving w/ were in Wed night mtg w/ me in Ft Worth, TX. They were meeting up w/ you (Cody) the next day. Wish I'd been in AK when you were up there, Cody! Would be nice to meet you some day. Congrats on finishing your trip! A sister & friend, Susie

Mark said...

Nice job, Cody! It's been fun reading about your trip and seeing your pictures.

Garnett Coonrad(We met you once at Myrtle and Joyce's a few years ago.)

Clover- Great job narrating this whole trip. We've enjoyed it!

Dwight said...

Yes, I've enjoyed following along on your travels!! The morning you woke up to the sound of a diesel engine and back up light while in the inside of the semi-trailer still makes me laugh!! Hope you have some time to get lots of rest and homemade pie!!
Dwight B

I'm just me... said...

Cody, I have never met you personally, but I have been following along since I found this blog at the beginning of your journey. Congrats for fininshing!! Walking across the US is only something I would ever dream about. Hope you enjoy a warm bed and some good home cooked food.

Anonymous said...

Hi Cody,

I’ve been completely hooked on your sister’s blog ever since Amy and Cecil told us about your journey. We’ve never actually met, I’m one of the friends here in Georgia, but I feel as though I know you from reading about your adventures on the road and your pictures. Congratulations on completing such an amazing goal!! You have persevered even when the odds were stacked against you! Thanks for letting the rest of us live vicariously though this blog and inspiring some of us to do great things as well. Take care and good luck in your future adventures whatever they may be! Gwendolyn H.

Cecil and Amy said...

May your stomach get filled with carbohydrates, your body get used to a comfortable bed again, and your clothes selection become a little broader! (the selection, not the size!!!)

It was GREAT seeing you. Take care, friend!!!