Friday, February 20, 2009

Changes to Blog Format

I've had different people wonder how to go back and read Cody's story, right from the beginning (which was the first week in November, 2008-- I would have to check with Cody or Scott Smith for the exact date.) To facilitate easier reading, I've changed the archive format over on the right hand side. It now is in chronological order, starting with November. Just click on the date to start reading! Once you read that day's post, you can click on the next date at the bottom of the page. This format isn't as attractive, but it is easier to use! Hope that helps folks out!

P.S. Scott confirms it was November 3rd that they started out.

"Cody's Legs Must Hurt" Pictures

Cody texted me today that he had crossed the Edmund Pettus bridge (scene of a bloody attack against civil rights protesters marching from Selma to Montgomery). He is now doing the 54 mile trek that the civil rights marchers eventually made. They only averaged 10 miles a day, due to their large numbers, so let's hope Cody does better mileage than that!

The pictures I'm posting tonight are pictures that made me think, "Ouch!" There was some major climbing there at one point, as well as daily trudging along.
This sign had to be a little discouraging!

Beautiful scenery, though!

This is when he still had his stroller. I'm sure glad a semi didn't come around that curve!

Starting at sea level, here he is now at 8,650 ft.

Mountain Mercantile in Cloudcroft! (Site of some pretty good pies, I've been told!)

I can imagine these stretches were no fun on the knees.

Shredded sneakers!

Cody and Scott with their new walking machines.