Wednesday, February 11, 2009

People #2

This post is all the people Cody met while just walking down the road. It's a pretty friendly country out there! *All the usual disclaimers that all the mistakes in identification and spelling are all mine, Cody is thousands of miles away from this computer at the moment!*

This guy, Richard Hobbins, gave Cody the heads-up on the pies at Mountain Mercantile in Cloudcroft. He also gave Cody some sausages!
This is Officer Ralph Baker, who checked in with Cody a couple times throughout the day, then brought him a muchly-appreciated pizza for supper.

Bill, a store owner in Mayhill.

John Barzeal, who loaned Cody the use of a cabin on one of the worst nights of Cody's trip, and gave him a TV dinner. I don't believe I chronicled that experience, but I think Cody was pretty cold and desperate that night, and the kindness sure was appreciated!

Barbara, owner of the Lost Texas Cafe in LaMesa. She gave Cody and Scott some free BBQ, cobbler and drinks. Yum!

Thomas Fetting, of St. Louis, MO.

He was heading to NM, via every back road he could find!

This is Oscar. He seems to be another person who slipped through the cracks in this blog. Cody had told me about him (he talked to Cody one evening, then found him the next morning to give him a breakfast burrito and some hot chocolate). I sure thought I had written about him, but now I can't find him anywhere in the archives. That sure sounded like one good breakfast burrito, whether or not it was recorded for posterity at an earlier time.

Some folks who invited the guys in-- Scott was desperate for a shower, and got one here.

Three Sheriffs Cody met in a store near Roby.

Danny Guthrie here is a wanderer like Cody. He was walking to another town where a friend of his was giving him a job selling cars.

Billy Ray and his bike. Billy did an 8000-mile bike trip, looping around the U.S. in 2001.

Sunshine Donuts in Glen Rose
"Stroller Blues"

Bill Davis, owner of J&B Mini Storage in Brownsboro. He and Cody talked for a long time. He gave Cody a loaf of bread-- Pepperidge Farms rents one of the storage units, and they had given him some bread!

Phew! This uploading pictures every night is some serious work! I'm thinking tomorrow's post will be about Animals... stay in touch! Cody's fundraising page is always happy for visitors...