Sunday, February 8, 2009

A Small Helping of Pictures

The last time I got a CD from Cody, I spent hours uploading all the pictures at once-- 40-some pictures. Scrolling through the old posts, it is sort of like someone not eating for two weeks and then going to an all-you-can eat buffet. This time around, I'm going for the moderate 3-meals-a-day approach. I have over a hundred pictures from Cody that I will be posting in the next week. Hope everyone looks forward to their daily meal!

The subject of the pictures included in today's post is...

Ditch Finds

While this is technically an animal, and could therefore be included in one of my planned posts on Animals, this poor little dog was a real ditch find. Cody found it cold and wet, with a wound in it's stomach. He called the tags in, and was told that it had been called in repeatedly, and to just take the animal to a shelter. Cody let it hang out in his sleeping bag to warm up. He was planning on keeping it (I think this was after Scott had left and he was feeling the need of companionship) but the fickle little mutt ran away with another dog.

This solved all the stroller problems-- two strollers! The little one felt like the red-headed stepchild of strollers after this picture, though, and didn't continue on with the guys.

A new uniform for Cross-Country Trekkers, as well as a new name!

A half-empty bottle of ArmorAll led to...
Tire cleaning time!

This outhouse was used for the first time in about 15 years, Cody guessed.

I talked to Cody for a long time last night-- he had almost crossed the state of Louisiana, earning his own walking record-- 60 miles in one day! I think he's just wanting to get done now, but there was a real impetus to trying to get to Tallulah, LA by Saturday. Cody feels that the stroller is a "crutch" (#7 on Cody's List of Bad Things), so he had had Dad mail him one of his backpacks to Tallulah. As I was chatting with him Friday night, he was about 18 miles west of Tallulah, and planning on walking most of the night to get to Tallulah for the Saturday post office hours, so he didn't have to wait until Monday. Alas, I had to be the one to break it to Cody that there WEREN'T any Saturday P.O. hours in Tallulah! There are lots of different scenarios to how Cody could deal with this, I'm not sure which one he choose. I'm pretty confident we had voted down the calling-in-a-bomb-scare-and-slipping-in-with-the-S.W.A.T.-team scenario. (It was a relief not seeing Tallulah in the newspaper this morning.) Anyway, for tomorrow's post I hope to have more information on Cody's whereabouts, more pictures, and Birthday Wishes for Cody!