Thursday, November 27, 2008

Unconventional Thanksgiving

Just talked to Cody, before we sit down to our enormous Thanksgiving meal. Cody was in the McDonald's in Safford, AZ, eating a cookie! He had quite a walk to get to Safford. I think it was 70-some miles in 36 hours! He got to a Wednesday night meeting in Safford with five minutes to spare...

Last night wasn't real restful for him. He was sleeping in some woods, and it started raining. He found a lighted overhang somewhere in town and slept a few hours before the police rousted him. He found somewhere else to sleep, until it started raining again. This pattern continued all night! He's planning to stay in Safford for a couple days to make some money. I hope he finds a better place to sleep for those days!

Cody wasn't sounding sorry for himself, but I'm not thinking a lonely day in a strange town on Thanksgiving sounds like much fun. He's hoping to find someplace open to have turkey! The usual homeless men standbys (libraries, malls, etc.) are all closed today. His day is making us all thankful for what a nice day we're having here with lots of food and friends.

Here's hoping Cody finds work so he can fix his sick stroller and start his journey again!