Monday, January 19, 2009

Stroller Blues

Well, I think the stroller is truly on it's last legs this time. Scott and Cody are walking from Glen Rose to Cleburne today, and the stroller is barely wobbling it's way there. One tire is holding together with some hydraulic hose (not sure where they found that!) and the other rim looks, "about as stable as water" as Cody says. As my aunt Barbara pointed out, though, 1600 miles is pretty impressive for a stroller mileage. Especially since many of those miles were not on perfectly clean surfaces-- and probably Cody's gear weighs a little more than the average toddler. The guys plan on hitting the Cleburne Wal-Mart to find their new travel system! I asked Cody if he wanted me to do a business search online so they could plan their route in Cleburne, and he said "Someone already told us where the Wal-Mart was." I asked if he needed to go anywhere else, and he said, "Why, when there's a Wal-Mart?" So maybe Wal-Mart is the company that needs to sponsor Cody!

They have been walking a LOT lately-- and not getting much sleep. Saturday night was about the worst-- they walked until almost three in the morning, then just slept beside the road until 6:15. After someone picked them up for meeting, they went out to eat with all the friends. (I thought Cody said they went to the Big and Tough Eatery, and I was really scratching my head over that name! I did a search of Glen Rose restaurants, though, and it must have been the Big Cup Eatery. A little more palatable title! That's why I need to talk to Cody sometime when semis aren't rumbling past-- I already ask him to repeat everything twice, and I obviously still don't get it sometimes!) They had a great lunch, and then they slept all afternoon! Sunday night they slept in the stadium of the school. It was one of the warmer nights. It has been getting down below freezing at night, but Sunday was around the 40s. Cody was thinking it was balmy, but the couple who owned the doughnut bakery (Sunshine Donuts) nearby felt sorry for them-- they invited them to come over for coffee and doughnuts in the morning! The guys ended up talking to the couple that owns the place for an hour and a half. They were originally from South Korea, and were there during that war. Cody sure has heard lots of interesting stories on this trip!

When I was talking to Cody this morning, he had to go because a reporter pulled up by them on the road and wanted to talk to them. I don't think this interview was prompted by the Abilene news story, they had just received a call from someone who had stopped and talked to Cody the other day. I would sure love to hear what Cody and Scott tell them-- it was fun to get a little glimpse in that interview in Abilene. Neither of them is a real publicity hound, so it's a little hard to picture them going the media rounds!

Cody and Scott have raised over a $1000 on their fundraising page for Doctors Without Borders. Thanks so much to all who have contributed!