Friday, March 20, 2009


We're now flashing back to the state of Mississippi. In the current-time news, Cody is working with Justin doing carpentry work this week. I'm not sure if it's for longer than a week, but it's work! Cody's going out to Minnesota in mid-April to work on a farm there for a while.

Big barge on the Mighty Mississipp.

Bridges across the Mississippi.

Site of the Battle of Vicksburg.

And, in history closer to home, the site of the Cage Fight between the Old Alpha Stroller and the Brash Backpack.

Alpha Stroller seems to be on top...

but Backpack has got some moves, too.


The carnage afterwards. (Or, more mundanely, Cody repacking the stroller contents into the backpack.)

Joey White.

This owner of a lumberyard in Morton, MS let Cody borrow a hacksaw to cut down his backpack frame.

Ricardo, Cody's colleague in the Chicken Coop Construction Company.
The house Cody worked on for a few days in Morton, Mississippi.

Willy Poe, owner of said house.

Don and Debbie Oldham, who gave Cody a ride to meeting and a bed for a few nights.

Their dog.

Cody setting out again.

Some estate Cody walked by.