Thursday, February 26, 2009

Walking Through Georgia

I talked to Cody this morning, when he was four miles west of Butler, Georgia. He is moving along, but Georgia is a fairly wide state! He has about 200 miles to go!

I removed the scanned images of the newspaper article I had posted yesterday-- I realized that's probably copyright infringement. Cody also wanted to clarify a few points in the article, for those of you who DID read it. While Cody does support the mission of Doctors Without Borders, he has no plans to volunteer abroad with them at this point. Cody always has several ideas of what he's doing next, and he has been talking about visiting South Africa to see a friend there. At this point, though, it's just a nebulous plan!

Thanks so much to those who donated to Cody's fundraising site-- he's over the $2000 mark! It's for a great cause!

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Jerry Moncrief said...

This is to Cody's sister. Hello, my name is Jerry Moncrief. I'm just writibng to let you know, I saw, met and talked to your brother yesterday evening about an hour before dark as he was leaving a convient store in my hometown Reynolds, GA. As we talked I told him I'd write you and tell you he was/is OK and only about week (depending on how many miles traveled in a day) away from his destination of Savannah, GA. Savannah is only about 200 miles and a 3 hour drive from Reynolds. ***AMAZING DUDE he is to walk across the USA!!!*** I don't know how far he was planning on hiking yesterday after I saw him, because I think he was looking to do some laundry a block down from where we talked... ANYWAY Cody is good, other than the wears of not being in a warm house n warm bed with some home cooked viddles tickling his belly.. Take care Cody and good adventures to ya.....