Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Big Finish, Pictorially

Scene of Cody's momentous finish.

The day Cody first met up with Mom and Dad, and gave them his pack.

Scarfing some food.

Dad and Cody.

Tori and Cody.

Strange face, and the little backpack he used from there on out-- he had found it in the ditch that morning.

Some pictures Dad took of beautiful Tybee Island while he waited for Cody.

Lots of tankers off the coast!

Cody, the little red dot there in the middle!

Mom was up at the road, calling him on a cell phone, so she missed the initial sighting!

And closer... He wasn't running by this point. He ran about 10 miles of that day-- after two nights with no sleep to speak of.
Posing with the Tybee Island water tower in the background.

Removing his shoes...

And his shirt...

For the plunge!! (This is a video, click on the arrow in the middle.)

Sitting, finally.

Then lying!

The poor, tormented feet!

Leaving Tybee. Cody bought a Tybee Island T-shirt that said, "Tybee Island: So Near, Yet So Far!" Quite appropriate!
Cody's welcoming committee at my cousin's house.
Celebratory cake.

The hero poses.

After sleeping...

(Not sure if he slept on the floor or not!)...

Cody was en route home, to his flock of sheep.

And the people who'd cared for his sheep while he was gone.

This weekend, all of the siblings, excepting the Alaska branch, were able to be together on the farm. Cody enjoyed checking out the cows with Dad and Owen, and seeing all the lambs-- four were born on Saturday. He got to wear different clothes, after wearing the same skimpy wardrobe for a long time. (We all wondered at his choice of acid-washed jeans from the 80s, but they were different!) I hope Cody is enjoying being home for now, we all sure enjoyed seeing him! His five nieces and nephews that were present were properly excited about having him back!

I have lots more pictures to post of Cody's final month in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia. I'll be posting them over the next week or so, and keeping you informed of Cody's latest plans. Thanks so much for all the blog comments, it amazed Cody how many people had been rooting for him through this whole adventure! It's also exciting that he raised $2500 through his fundraising page.


Philip said...

Well well well Clover thank you so very much... its been a great time living vicariously through Dirty Dug.

Hundewanderer said...

Congratulations and thank you for taking the time to post photos and kind words about Cody's travels. It looks nice to be home with family.

Kariza said...

Congratulations! 2 nights with no sleep and running all those miles? Man, that makes me tired just reading it. Glad he survived. It's been fun to follow this. Now what's next? Special for you to all be together. Ann and I had fun helping out at Tyler and Lisa's house yesterday, scrubbing out kitchen cabinets. Levi had his little play saw in his hand, running around. Too cute.