Sunday, March 22, 2009


Welcome Center for Alabama, where Cody camped for the night. The sunset the next morning.


Historic bridge.

J. R. and Cody.
J. R. checked in on Cody over the course of three days and insisted on giving him money for dinner one night. Cody said the people of Alabama were all very generous.

Walking on the railroad tracks.

Frank Rogers, owner of Frank Roger's Country Store in Marion Junction, Alabama.

Crossing a river. Since Cody was walking on the tracks, there weren't any signs to tell him which river, but he said it was a fairly major one.

Train! Glad Cody's a little off the tracks to take this picture.

Donna-- she gave Cody a soda and directed him to a library in Thelma.

Old Live Oak Cemetery in Thelma.

Cody says this cemetery is historically significant, but he couldn't remember the exact story and I'm too lazy to go look it up. Pretty trees, though.

Cody walked this whole trail.

Theodis Williams, Army Corps of Engineers.

Cody met these friends for lunch in Montgomery one Sunday.

Alicia, a shy store clerk.

Pretty little road. Cody says there were many intriguing roads in Alabama. This was in Tuskogee National Forest.

Grand southern house.

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