Sunday, November 23, 2008

This picture has absolutely nothing to do with Cody's road trip, I'm just sick of not having any pictures to put on here. So Cody's Jacob's Ram, Amazing Grace Abner, who is safely tucked away at Mom and Dad's farm while Cody walks, is making a guest appearance.

Now then, on to the walk...

Cody spent most of today resting, then set out this afternoon from Superior, AZ. He has about 25 miles to go until Globe, AZ, where he has to make a decision to head north or south. There are endless route possibilities, but how he heads off from Globe determines quite a bit of where he'll be for the next month.

Cody's foot is doing much better. He's been putting moleskin on his foot, which I guess is a special sort of bandage for blisters. It's been working! It's nice to know he isn't hobbling along getting infected now.

One of the annoying things about walking is the billboards. When he was walking a particularly desolate stretch, he saw a billboard for "McDonalds-- just 30 more minutes." He says he would have done anything for a burger or cold soda right then, but he knew the McDonald's was a full day's walk away! Today, he said they weren't as bad because he was full from sitting around eating and resting.

Thanks to all who have participated in Cody's fundraising site! It's encouraging for him to know he might be helping people with his adventure!

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